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20/2023 In the matter of Petition under Regulation, 46 of MPERC (Conduct of Business) Regulations, 2004 seeking appropriate directions for setting aside the demand of rental charges for the use of existing 33 KV double circuit electric line raised in violation of provisions of Electricity Act and Regulations without there being incurred any cost of line by MPPKVVCL read with Clause 5.1- Clause-7 of MPERC (Recovery of Expenses and other Charges for Providing Electric Line or Plant used for the purpose of giving supply) (Revision-II) Regulation, 2022’ {RG-31(II) of 2022} notified on 31.05.2022 and Clause 5.2 of MPERC (Cogeneration and Generation of Electricity from Renewable Sources of Energy) Regulations, 2021 (Revision-II) (RG-33(II) of 2021). 1) Harsh Nirman Infraworld LLP
1) MP Pashchim Kshetra Vidyut Vitran Company Limited
2) Superintending Engineer(O&M) Indore region, MP Pashchim Kshetra Vidyut Vitran Co Ltd

Daily Orders issued in Petition 20/2023

Sr No Petition No/Year Date of Daily Order Attachments
1 20/2023 13-Jun-2023 View | Download