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Guidelines for attending Virtual Hearing

Guidelines for attending Virtual Hearing Through Video Conference using Cisco WebEx

1)  Due to Covid-19 outbreak and to ensure appropriate protocol in this regard, the Commission has decided to hold the hearing through Video-  conferencing.

 2)  The virtual hearings shall be held using Cisco WebEx as a video conference platform.

 3) Please download Cisco WebEx Application on your PC/Laptop/Mobile. Minimum  bandwidth  from your internet service provider shall be 2mbps.

 4) Petitioners/Respondents/Stakeholders shall provide their e-mail ID's, Mobile Nos. and other relevant information, well in advance but not  later than 05 PM preceding working day of the date of hearing, through e-mail on official email of Secretary (secretary[at] of the Commission. So that the link (URL) of hearing can be shared to the concerned Petitioners/Respondents/Stakeholders well in time.