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Electricity Ombudsman

Order passed by Electricity Ombudsman (Vidyut Lokpal)

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Sr Case No Case Year Order Pass On Date Download
1 L00-11 2023 16-Nov-2023 View
2 L00-10 2023 16-Nov-2023 View
3 L00-12 2023 06-Nov-2023 View
4 L00-09 2023 27-Oct-2023 View
5 L00-08 2023 18-Oct-2023 View

Note :

1. This site can only display the orders by the Electricity Ombudsman, MP issued after 21/09/2023 ( Date of launch of upgraded website of the MPERC).

2. All Orders issued by the Electricity Ombudsman, MP prior to 21/09/2023, can be found at Electricity Ombudsman Orders Archive on Old Website